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By using the latest technology and the best-equipped facilities, the surgeons can perform even the complex eye surgeries. Our entire team of outstanding eye surgeons devotes its practices to providing the quality of vision that enriches your life and gives you the peace of mind. The reputation of Eye7 Chaudhary Eye Centre for its state-of-the-art facilities, infrastructure, the most experienced surgeons and a record of outstanding performance makes the chain a highly respected entity around the world.

As the word for the quality of procedures and medical expertise in India spreads internationally, the country is achieving recognition as a prominent hub of medical tourism. The same expert level of health care that patients receive in the United States, in the United Kingdom and in other developed nations exists in India at a considerably lower price now.

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With the benefit of more than 30 years of experience, Eye7 Chaudhary Eye Centre offers you, as an international patient, a complete service that welcomes you to India with a pickup at the airport and arrangements for your accommodations and local travel to enhance the comfort of choosing your medical care in India. LASIK procedures are very safe. However, like any other surgical procedure it can have some complications which are extremely rare if a proper screening check is done prior to the procedure. Some patients might experience mild dryness in eyes which usually relieved by lubricating drops and disappears over time.

Some may also experience temporary halos during night time which also reduces with time. These are due to the effects of numbing eye drops used during the procedure. All these are rare and can be easily managed by your doctor. Nobody, in our surgical experience, has ever lost sight due to this procedure. No Laser Vision Correction procedure i. LASIK is not right for everyone. These procedures take around 2 hours. If you are using contact lenses, it is best to remove those three days before the procedure.

This procedure is done under local numbing eye drops only. No injections are used. The LASIK treatment time usually takes around 20 seconds per eye, and the whole procedure takes around 10 minutes per eye. The laser procedure itself does not hurt. A slight pressure may be felt during the procedure. There is a possibility of some degree of discomfort after the procedure for 3 to 4 hours, which is easily controlled by medication. If discomfort persists, you should contact your eye doctor. Most of the routine work can be done after 7 days. Jobs that are more physically demanding and involve exposure to liquids or dust might require a more graduated return to full activities, but are best discussed with your surgeon.

After 3 to 6 months, a laser enhancement can be attempted to correct these individuals further. People over the age of 45, who opt for distance vision correction, may need reading glasses. Usually a patient is on medicated eye drops for 4 weeks and has to use lubricating eye drops for at-least three months. When you plan to undergo a cataract surgery later in life, one should inform the doctor about any previous procedures so that the treatment plan can be modified accordingly. Sometimes, internal changes within an eye may come with age and these may have some effect on the overall visual status.

For example, myopia may progress even in later years, or a person may require reading glasses with normal ageing process usually seen after 40 years of age. Infection is a serious complication and could lead to deterioration of the cornea. Infection is usually rare and can be well controlled with medications with little or no loss of quality of vision. At our Centre, we have had no case of infection till date. The medical community can only speak of the future by accessing the data from the surgeries performed within the last 20 years.

The data reveals a very positive healing response of the eye giving doctors no reason to be concerned about effects beyond 30 years. Yes, many in India as well in several other countries. We have also operated on several doctors including eye specialists. However these are best suggested by your doctor. In case of lazy eye, no refractive surgery restores vision.

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Claim Your Offer Now! Only 16 Left This Month. Hyperopia Farsightedness or hyperopia makes distant objects easier for you to see than those that are close to you. Astigmatism A common form or refractive error, astigmatism prevents the eye from focusing light in a particular axis on the retina. Free Trial. Sharpest Vision. Read More. Good Vision. Normal Vision. Manual Tracking. Thin Cornea. I want a flapless procedure. What are my options? For example, milk and melted butter mixtures. The IR temperature gun can easily measure temperatures during yogurt making or any other cooking where you have live cultures.

These live cultures are required to make the recipe work and will be harmed if they get too hot.

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To get an accurate measurement, stir the liquid in a slow and continuous motion. Then aim the gun at a slight angle across the surface of the liquid. Alternatively, you can take multiple individual readings as you stir. This also works quite well for measuring temperatures of carrier oils or other volatile ingredients. Making lotions, skin care creams, and even soaps with these ingredients. If you are heating the liquid on a stove top, remember that the temperature at the source of the heat will be higher than at the surface you are measuring and so the stirring must be continuous to keep your measurements accurate.

It is best to use a double boiler or to use a container of hot water to heat sensitive liquids rather than to place them directly on an open heat source.

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The temperature gun makes this very easy to determine without sticking a thermometer in what is essentially liquid sugar that turns into a hard sticky mess when it dries on utensils or surfaces. Another great way to use your infrared thermometer in the kitchen is when measuring the temperature of the pizza stone in your oven, or of your barbecue grate.

Again, this requires that you shoot the gun so that it shoots obliquely across the surface of the pizza stone or barbecue grate to obtain the most accurate reading. It gives a surprisingly accurate reading that can be used to determine the hot and cold spots of the pizza stone or barbecue grate and can let you know if and when the temperature is uniform across the entire surface. Your oven thermometer can tell you how hot the air inside the oven is, but the temperature of the pizza stone or oven tiles determines if the oven is ready for the pizza.

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Your grate for your barbecue for grilling should be at the grilling temperature required for the type of food being grilled. Close the lid of the grill and wait for the thermostat to get to temperature, then to find the temperature of the grate itself and where its hot and cool spots are, use the same process of shooting the gun across the surface at the angle your eye can see across the grate without seeing the coals below it. This makes it easy to identify the hot and cooler spots on the grate to use for grilling and resting the meat until it is ready to eat.

You will not be able to use the IR gun to measure the internal temperature of the steak or meat you are grilling, that will require a probe or meat thermometer you can insert into the meat. Be sure to check out our other articles on using the temperature gun for HVAC readings to test the functioning of your air conditioning and household heating systems , and for automotive diagnostics that include checking cooling, heating, and brake systems and checking engine and catalytic converter.

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