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Dropbar Road. Performance Road. Endurance Road. Flatbar Road. Adventure Road. Trail MTBs. Regular Kids Bikes. Full Suspension. Step Thru. XC MTBs. Used Bikes. Coaster Brake.

Geared Bikes. Kids Mountain Bikes. Run Bike. Single Speed. Road Bikes. A single-speed has very few moving parts. A chain, two pedals and two wheels with possibly a brake or two. That is it. Many college kids and commuters appreciate how the simplicity gives them freedom in a less-expensive, more stylish ride. And, for the added challenge, many are opting to go with fixed hubs. When it is snowing outside, how are you going to stay in shape?

Many of us use the local gym to swim, lift weights and cross-train. However, for more fitness, it is worth the investment to get some indoor equipment. I give you the overview on some of the most popular workout options so you can decide which one is best for you based on your goals and your budget. However, you WILL save money purchasing used.

You have to get the right size, of course, but finding a lightly-used ride is — hands down— the way to save the most money. One of the best ways to know that you are getting a good ride is to buy one of these brands. In fact, you can take each of these model names and put them on your local craigslist to see if any are for sale. Over here I give you more tips on evaluating a used bike before purchasing.

If you find one of these for sale, you can pretty much trust that it is a decent bicycle.

My Passion For Cycling

The wrong size is not only maddeningly uncomfortable, it can physically harm you. If you are forced to ride hunched over, it can lead to muscle knots, pinched nerves and knee pain. If you continue to ride in these positions, it can lead to permanent damage. I have a blog post that tells you how to properly measure your bicycle, decide on what height you need and then fit it to your size.

Cycling is a gear-heavy sport. At a minimum, you need a helmet. Pretty soon, you get tired of always running to the gas station to get air, and so you invest in an air pump. Lights are handy for our commuting friends and those who live in urban communities I use my light during the daytime , and Speedometers are a fun vanity piece that every serious rider invests in. And then you have your own personal comfort: padded shorts , padded, fingerless gloves and wicking sports jerseys are an absolute must.

Not only do they make you look sweet, they provide greater comfort and a more enjoyable experience. Start by purchasing a bicycle and a helmet. You can always add those other features, later. Either way, I invite your comments and feedback. Every month I try to add a few new articles to this site. If you have a product that you would like me to review, please send it to our address on the contact page. Since this blog supports itself through affiliate links, we do prioritize our product reviews based on the availability of an affiliate program to promote it through.

This site receives commissions when a purchase is made by a customer who visits one of our affiliate programs through our special tracking link. Most of the articles are written by myself. A few are written by several handpicked cyclists whom I trust. This site uses affiliate links to link to our partners. We receive a commission when you click on these links and. Facebook Twitter RSS. Road Bike. Check Prices.

Hybrid Bike. Mountain Bike. Helping Cyclists Save Money. Learn More Freedom Bicycles are the coolest things we humans have ever invented. You can ride them in the flatlands, in the mountains, and on the beach. Outside of running, few sports are as universally accessible. My Passion For Cycling As a child, my little blue bicycle was my favorite toy.

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My goal for this site is to help point new riders to alternatives. And it made sense to put this information together on a website where I could refer them. You need your cycling experience to be frustration-free. The problem with our online shopping fixation is that bicycles need repair and servicing. It is an education one. And it is driving people away from the sport.

And no one to guide you. And yet, this was one of the most popular rides being sold on Amazon. Road Note the skinny tires and curved handlebars. Note the Flat Handlebars and wider tires. Accessory Reviews Cycling is a gear-heavy sport. Product Review Requests? Disclosures This site receives commissions when a purchase is made by a customer who visits one of our affiliate programs through our special tracking link.

Hi Steve. Just wondering if you may change your assessment of Ribble, Wiggle and Chain Reaction now that they will not ship Shimano parts to North America? Brad, Thanks for flagging this. This is likely a Shimano distribution decision rather than a store one, much the same way SRAM and a dozen other major brands have restricted sales of their gear to residents in the region of their store for a few years.

They are trying to keep both their online and local bike shop sellers in business. I update this list quarterly and will be sure to figure this into the rankings next time around.

Everything You Need to Know to Get the Best Deal on a Bike

As a former pro-cyclist, who has spent years working in various local bike shops. There are certainly a few things I am comfortable buying online, such as nutrition products. It is important for me to ride the bike or if I am getting a custom bike, the measurement, and components need to be just so. In my opinion, developing a face to face relationship with someone who knows the products, and can service your bike once you have it is so important.

These online stores, can provide any product, and their sales people may or may not be experts. Online stores, have contributed to the disappearance of so many great bike shops. They have gutted a big part of the cycling community. I think, online shopping robs us of the ability to share our love of cycling with people who make it their career to provide us with products, and personal service.

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  7. I want to know my mechanic, I want to talk to them about my equipment, and see their work in person. Sure, there are mobile mechanics, however they may not know a particular product very well, and having a mechanic come to your home or business robs you of the experience if being in the shop around all things cycling. Sharing our common cycling experiences with people in person is worth paying a few more bucks in my book. The fact that I may have to send something back and wait to get what I really wanted, is another reason I limit my online shopping.

    It is a waste of my time, and I lose out on using the product I wanted for days. I am impatient, so again, spending a few bucks more to get immediate gratification is totally worth it to me. I am not wealthy by any means, but I believe we have better experiences dealing with people in person. Building relationships with folks who work in the industry is part of the cycling experience. Going into the local shop getting to know the staff, and sharing stories cannot be replicated with an online chat or even a phone call. Sure we all have busy lives, but driving a local shop or riding there is worth the effort.

    The personal relationships with people who have invested in this beautiful sport and provided personal service has been disappearing. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Wait a minute; that actually sounds pretty good!


    Unless noted, stores listed above ship internationally. Steve July 23, am. Very happy to do that, Steve. Anything I can do to support this site is a pleasure to do. Aaron T July 23, am. Martin July 23, pm. Steve July 24, am. Reboot July 24, am. Chris July 29, am. Steve July 29, pm. Chris Harrer July 29, pm.

    Thanks for the quick reply Steve, really appreciate your input. Keep up the great work! Donald C August 8, pm. Steve August 8, pm. Hope that helps. Ken September 23, pm. Steve September 23, pm. Kelly L Looper October 18, am. Thank you Kelly. Steve October 18, am. Steve January 9, am. Steve January 18, am. Andrei, The code is reset now. DaveMac February 1, pm. Brad February 12, pm. Steve February 12, pm.

    Kim May 12, am. Jim Bo August 8, am. Steve August 8, am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Merlin Cycles. Chain Reaction Cycles. Tredz 3. Power Meter City.

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