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This number is more than double that found in late , and it looks like it will only continue to grow. In fire departments, fire fighters are using drones for greater situational awareness during fires. Law enforcement has been using drones in a similar manner, creating maps of highly trafficked buildings that can be used to help evacuate people during an emergency, such as an active shooter scenario.

And both police and fire departments use drones after disasters like floods, hurricanes, or severe storms to locate victims in need of help, and to understand the scope of the damage in order to best direct their resources to those areas that need them most. The skill level needed for using drones in public safety work can vary greatly depending on the specific use case. For example, a fire fighter in California told us that drones can be helpful in locating people who fall of a cliff—instead of sending someone down on a rope, only to discover the spot they chose was wrong, they can fly a drone and see exactly where the person fell.

Pix4D is another good option, with a suite of software choices for different mapping scenarios, and Agisoft is also a popular choice for drone mapping, according to a report released by SkyLogic in These salaries vary greatly depending on your location. According to this article on DiscoverPolicing.

But climbing a ladder all day can be dangerous, not to mention time consuming. Using a UAV, a drone pilot can fly a set pattern over a damaged roof in minutes and get all the images needed to evaluate an insurance claim. This kind of work is relatively straight forward and in high demand as a welcome replacement for manual inspections.

The primary skill set required is the ability to fly—or program your drone to fly—a specific mission, and collect images while flying. This kind of work is typically seasonal, since it follows the storm patterns, so while you might get a lot of work at certain times of the year, the work may dry up at other times. Over the last few years drones have become a common tool in journalism , with aerial shots captured by drone helping us understand how a flood has damaged an area, or capturing the size of a crowd, or the scope of a wildfire.

In general, drones are used in journalism as one more vantage point for helping to tell a story, since aerial stills and video footage can add an extra layer of drama to news coverage. One thing to keep in mind about flying drones for journalism is that there is a spectrum of use cases, with a spectrum of quality required. For breaking news or disaster coverage, having the very best camera out there may not matter so much as having the footage at all. The skill sets required to use drones in journalism also vary with your particular use case.

That being said, in all scenarios related to journalism your flying skills will probably need to be top notch, given that you may be flying under pressure in difficult situations, and you may only have one chance to get your shot. Based on U. That being said, there are some drone pilots out there who do freelancing work in journalism. Here is what one of them told us about how he prices his services:.

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Farmers have been using drones for a few years now to help them increase yields by surveying their crops to see which areas need more attention. These maps can be used to identify what plant is growing where on a piece of land, and also to tell how well each plant is doing. New software can process the raw data collected by drone pilots to create reports for farmers indicating potential problem areas on their land, and suggesting actions to take in order to remedy the problem.

Although the potential for helping to increase crop yields is great in this new area of what is called precision agriculture, it seems like adoption has still been somewhat slow to come, with many farmers uncertain about the potential value UAVs represent for their work. The challenge in this field may have more to do with sales than skill. That is, with convincing potential clients that you can help them increase yields, and that, ultimately, they can make more money by spending money on your services.

As time passes and drone use becomes normalized in precision agriculture, this challenge will slowly fade, but for now it still seems to be something many drone pilots face in this sector of the drone industry. Parrot has a drone made specifically for agricultural drone work, which is called the Bluegrass. On the software side of things, Agribotix is a platform created specifically for processing drone data collected for agricultural applications. According to information we found on Droners. Drone adoption in the transportation sector is growing rapidly.

A study conducted by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials AASHTO found that 35 states are working with drones in some capacity, with 20 states having incorporated drones into the regular activities of their Department of Transportation DOT , and 15 states still undergoing testing and research. As with many sectors, drones are helping to cut down the time and cost needed for inspections of critical infrastructure in transportation. Traditionally, an inspection of a railroad would have to happen manually, with an inspector walking the track and noting any irregularities.

With drones, these inspections can now be done much more quickly, and produce more accurate data.

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The good news is that, as software develops, we can often simply upload the raw images collected and have the software identify problem areas, as Intel demonstrated last year at InterDrone. There are a wide range of drones that can be used for transportation inspections, and they come at a wide range of price points.

When it comes to software for transportation work with drones, again the go-to choices for mapping with drone data would be Pix4D , Agisoft , and DroneDeploy. Similar to transportation, drones are providing faster, cheaper ways to inspect assets like power lines and solar panels for energy companies.

Along with this announcement Xcel shared the news that, after completing their work in Colorado, they planned to expand BVLOS inspections to other states in the U. Which is all to say that drone work in the energy sector may soon be growing quickly, as the FAA clears the way for drone pilots to do more inspections by giving more energy companies BVLOS waivers.

In general, these inspections are conducted to find areas that need maintenance so that problems can be detected early and addressed—but again, as software develops this knowledge may become less and less crucial. Knowledge of aerial thermography would be required for solar panel inspections and for certain kinds of power line inspections. A good rule of thumb is to stay at least feet away from any power line when doing aerial inspections, and to avoid flying between power lines if at all possible. Because of the electro-magnetic interference power lines give off, you want to use a drone for power line inspections that has ferro-magnetic protection.

Drone pilots are also changing the way inspections are done in the telecommunications industry by conducting tower surveys and inspections in a fraction of the time required to send a person up a tower, making the process both cheaper and safer for those involved.

Knowing what to look for when doing these tower inspections and surveys is key for this kind of work. As with power line inspections, telecommunications towers usually emit some kind of magnetic interference, which could bring your drone down if you fly too close i. Because of the similarities between energy inspections and telecommunications inspections, our recommendations are the same here. Across the U. It could also mean that you start a drone club at your school to help get kids excited about the science behind drones, and about flying, like this drone club at Taft High in Cincinnati, OH.

When it comes to colleges with drone programs, there are a few big ones out there, and more cropping up all the time. Here are some of the top college drone programs we know about:. This is a hard one, because there are so many ways you could use drones in education. If you want your students to have a good camera drone that they can use to learn more about aerial cinematography, the DJI Phantom 4 is a solid, fairly inexpensive option, as are the DJI Mavic Pro and the Mavic Air.

We also recommend checking out our partner PCS Edventures for great STEM lesson plans, drones, and other related materials you can use in your classroom. As a starting place, we recommend doing research in the area of education where you want to work i.

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Here is our list of seven things you can do to get started with owning your own drone services business—or being what many in the industry called a dronepreneur. All work that involves flying a drone in the U. To do commercial drone work in the U. If you decide you need help preparing for the test, our flagship test prep and online training course, Drone Pilot Ground School , walks you step-by-step through the information you need to know in order to pass.

Join a community forum to connect with other drone pilots, and expand your community of drone pilots. You can join ours , but there are also several others out there to look into. Learn about the different types of drones out there, from cheap starter drones , to camera drones , to high end professional drones. Look into getting drone insurance —insurance not only can give you peace of mind, but also helps professionalize your operations.

Do some initial business planning , including drawing up an initial budget, identifying the niche you might want to work in, and thinking through what marketing and sales might look like for your drone business. Joining a network can be a good way to build your portfolio and expertise—instead of doing free shoots for a friend to get examples for potential clients, you can actually get paid to do shoots. This kind of work can also be helpful for getting experience with airspace research, as well as growing your sense of professionalism on a job.

Want a longer list of networks and directories where you can hunt for drone work? Certified Drone Pilot Directories and Networks. As the industry matures, more jobs across a wide variety of sectors are becoming available. They are singularly focused on agriculture, with the goals of helping farmers increase yields and maximize the bottom line while reducing their environmental footprint. Their core business is making data processing software to analyze drone-collected agricultural images.

Their software was developed by experts in GIS, aviation, and policy. AirMap collaborates with industry leaders such as DJI, Intel, senseFly, and others, sharing their data in the flying apps those companies provide. They match up each job and pilot based on location, availability, and equipment required.

It allows you to map and create 3D models and analyze and share the data right from your device. The Drone Racing League organizes and promotes drone racing around the U. Search for jobs at DRL here. Their collision-tolerant system allows, for the first time, safe and easy access to places out of reach of current drone systems. Intel is leading the industry in terms of innovation and creating new technology to meet developing needs. Their customers include aggregates, mining, construction and surveying companies.

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They developed the Matternet One, the first smart drone made exclusively for transportation. Founded in with years of scientific research, Pix4D software uses images taken by hand, drone, or plane and creates customizable results that complement a wide range of applications and software. Their data collection and processing tools are employed by customers around the world in fields such as surveying, agriculture, GIS, industrial inspection, mining, and humanitarian aid.

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Uplift Data Partners captures and analyzes aerial data to deliver construction insights for project performance. Search for careers at Uplift Data Partners here. They also sell a drone made primarily for commercial drone work called the H Search for careers at Yuneec here. In they delivered over 7, units of blood to people living in rural areas of Rwanda through a partnership with UNICEF and the Rwandan government. Every day people are posting drone jobs and jobs at companies in the drone industry—use our jobs search tool to help you look for work throughout the industry.

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