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The list above was breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'd have different vegetable and fruit juices as to keep it as interesting as possible. Luckily for me i actually like vegetables All i gotta do to make it sweeter is add an apple or carrot. I don't like it to be too sweet anyway. Ok sometimes i'd get bored anyway and make a face with it to entertain myself. I'd occasionally add in a tiny bit of ginger to give it a kick. What probably helped me go through my liquid diet is also knowing WHY I was taking specific things along with the juices, which I decided to write down here for your benefit.

Plants are the only organism that can convert the power of the sun into energy and in turn become a source of energy for other organisms. This amount provides necessary sustenance and aids in the detoxification process. Your body basically cannot live without essential fatty acids in your diet. Reduces risk of colon cancer, heart disease, diabetes and diverticulosis. Other stuff I religiously did during those 5 days was to drink a glass of water with 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, drink litres of water daily with slices of lemon, do some cleansing exercises, and this is my favourite REST a lot!

Bathroom in between the two rooms after my hydrotherapy and before my infrared session where i'd take showers. I want to Thank you for sharing this! The bit about the allergies is really eye-opening. Really looking forward to part two! Good on you for taking a huge step towards better health, so happy for you!

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I do not even know the way I finished up here, however I thought this post was once great. Take a look at my webpage :: body cleanse. Good information and was contemplating on whether to do or not to do the colon hydrotherapy tomorrow after I went for a sharing session this afternoon with Mewsum Wong from raw food Asia. Thanks for your long and convincing write ups. Thanks babe.. Thanks again. I always receive clarity when i undergo the detox.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me when new comments are added. Joyce Wong started this blog in Feb because she had too many things to say, pictures to share and experiences that, if she didn't write down, she would forget. I'll explain it in greater detail further along in this post, but in summary: I do a liquid detox for 5 days and have my colon flushed with water every day during those 5 days, for minutes daily.

WHY i decided to do this Do you suffer from any of the below? Cos i do. The Detox Itself! I love juicing beetroot and peppers! I drank my juices from a Guinness pint. Damn salah right. April 12, at am. Syaf says:. Jane says:.


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April 13, at am. Jasiminne Yip says:. April 14, at pm. Andrea says:. April 15, at pm. Colon Hydrotherapy Tailor Asia says:. April 22, at pm. June 12, at am. For statistics, see Table 2.

The reoxygenation phase following hypoxia mimics the reperfusion situation following ischaemia in vivo , which is known to be concomitant with an increased production of oxidants and radicals Kowaltowski et al. Surprisingly, the increase in I sc during the reoxygenation period remained unaltered in the presence of trolox C Table 2. A second messenger known to be involved, e. Table 3. When switching back to the perfusion of the chamber with air-gassed buffer solutions, the fura-2 ratio signal further increased Table 4.

Cyclopiazonic acid induced a consistent and prompt increase in the fura-2 ratio signal thus excluding irreversible changes of the colonic epithelium during the hypoxic period. Figure 5. The inset shows an original tracing which exemplifies the increase in the fura-2 ratio signal more clearly, as the time ensemble presented in the averaged figure tends to dampen signal amplitudes if not all cells respond synchronously. For statistics, see Table 4. Table 4. For this purpose, the fluorescent dye mitosox was used. However, the mitosox signal was unaltered during the hypoxia and the subsequent reoxygenation period Figure 6A.

As expected, hydrogen peroxide induced a strong increase in the mitosox fluorescence signal by 0. Figure 6. The inset shows the hypoxia chamber, in which the crypts mounted between two glass slides fixed between teflon rings were superfused with N 2 - or air-gassed solutions. Physiological protection against oxidants is insured by glutathione GSH , the main reducing agent in the cytosol Mandavilli and Janes, , which keeps thiols in the reduced state in intact cells. However, no change in the signal of this fluorescent indicator was observed during the hypoxic period, i. Instead, a continuous, time-dependent decrease of the signal, which probably reflects bleaching of the dye, was observed Figure 6B.

The intestinal epithelium is strongly affected by changes in oxygen supply, which has an influence on the expression, cellular localization or activity of several transporters for ions and nutrients in the gut Ward et al. In the present study, we observed a triphasic change in electrogenic ion transport measured as I sc across rat distal colon during hypoxia: a transient decrease followed by a short rise in I sc , before the current finally fell below the initial baseline Figure 1A.

How these changes in ion transport are initiated is finally unclear. However, during hypoxia epithelial cells release adenosine as shown on T84 cells Matthews et al. So despite the expected fall in the cytosolic ATP concentration after impairment of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation during hypoxia, K ATP channels do not contribute to the changes in colonic ion transport during hypoxia.

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This clearly contrasts the response of the epithelium from that of excitable tissues, where these channels represent an important protective mechanism via hyperpolarization of the membrane, which finally reduces excitability and thereby the energy demand of these cells Hibino et al. The final response, however, of the epithelium to hypoxia consists in a long-lasting fall in I sc Figure 1A consistent with an inhibition of anion secretion. Several mechanisms may underlie this reduction in transepithelial current. On the long-term, there seems even to be a downregulation of this channel on the transcriptional level during hypoxia via the HIF-1 hypoxia-inducible factor-1 pathway as shown in the colonic cells lines T84 and Caco-2 Zheng et al.

Concomitant with the change in I sc , there is a strong increase in tissue conductance, i. A small increase in G t was also observed in the time-dependent control experiments Figure 2B. In vivo , the situation is most likely different due to the infiltration of the intestinal wall with neutrophil granulocytes, which are a strong source of oxidants Gonzalez et al. On the other hand, morphological studies performed at rat intestine suggest that ischemia causes only a modest histological damage in the colon in comparison to small intestine Leung et al. This suggests a relative high capacity of the colonic epithelium with its low O 2 partial pressure even under physiological conditions Zheng et al.

The colonic epithelium is exposed to daily fluctuations of nutrient contents, microflora and mesenteric blood circulation. Adaptive mechanisms have been developed for facing such threats. The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest. The diligent care of Mrs.

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Haas, B. Schmitt, and A. Stockinger is a pleasure to acknowledge. We thank Prof. Babenko, A. Binder, H. Calcium- and cyclic-AMP-mediated secretory responses in isolated colonic crypts. Collins, D. Hypoxia inhibits colonic ion transport via activation of AMP kinase. Cook, N. Google Scholar. Diener, M. Acta Physiol. Free radicals in the physiological control of cell function. Frings, M. Gadsby, D. The ABC protein turned chloride channel whose failure causes cystic fibrosis. Nature , — Gonzalez, L. Animal models of ischemia-reperfusion-induced intestinal injury: progress and promise for translational research.

Liver Physiol. Greger, R. Role of CFTR in the colon. Haglund, U. Intestinal ischemia - the basics. Langenbeck's Arch. Hardcastle, J. The secretory action of barium chloride in rat colon. Hennig, B. Actions of hydrogen sulfide on ion transport across rat distal colon. Membrane Biol. Hibino, H. Inwardly rectifying potassium channels: their structure, function, and physiological roles. Hund, T. Heart Circul.

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Kaplan, J. Ion movements throught the sodium pump.

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Kowaltowski, A. Mitochondria and reactive oxygen species. Free Radic. Lee, J. Trolox inhibits osteolytic bone metastasis of breast cancer through both PGE 2 -dependent and independent mechanisms. Leung, F. Regional differences in gut blood flow and mucosal damage in response to ischemia and reperfusion. PubMed Abstract Google Scholar. Loganathan, A. Basolateral potassium IK Ca channel inhibition prevents increased colonic permeability induced by chemical hypoxia. Maguire, D. Rapid responses to aldosterone in human distal colon.

Steroids 64, 51— Mandavilli, B. Detection of intracellular glutathione using thiol tracker violet stain and fluorescence microscopy. Cytometry Chapter 9, Unit 9. Maruyama, T. Matthews, J. Activation of Cl secretion during chemical hypoxia by endogenous release of adenosine in intestinal epithelial monolayers. Plenge-Tellechea, F. Pouokam, E. Mechanims of actions of hydrogen sulfide at rat distal colonic epithelium.

Russell, J. Sodium-potassium-chloride cotransport. Inhibition of contractile activation reduces reoxygenation-induced endothelial gap formation. Schultheiss, G. Seino, S.

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  4. Strabel, D. Evidence against direct activation of chloride secretion by carbachol in the rat distal colon. Taylor, C.

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