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Cons: More orderly boarding. Better and more choices of movies and music. Pros: The service was good, the food wasn't bad at all. They were able to accommodate my food preference, though I hadn't requested a vegetarian meal. The rest of the flight was pretty bad. The flight boarded and left one hour late. No communication from ground crew about that. Boarding was a madhouse. So outdated and old. If I had known, I would have made alternate arrangements.

Seats were so small and uncomfortable. No width space and no frontal space when person in front reclined their seat. Pros: Crew was excellent Cons: Seats were too crowded. Cons: Regular El Al tickets to Europe include bringing a suitcase. Their website says that "Lite" tickets are charged extra for bringing a suitcase. At the airport I was told that my ticket was "Lite" even though there was no hint of that on the ticket. Cons: The Seat was not comfortable and the entertainment console poor , I guess due to an old plane.

Other wise excellent. Crew Pros: The flighr is short, only 3 hours, nothing specia to telll about it. Cons: Usually El Al crew is very nice, this time we were surprised to find unhelpful crew.. Cons: Hi I ordered a flight at the Kayak site with a suitcase. When I bought the flight ticket on the site I paid for a suitcase but at the desk they did not see it and I bought to pay again.

Pros: Crew was friendly, efficient and handle a problem business passenger with a smile and good nature diffusing and placating the passenger even thou the passenger was at fault. Cons: Business seats should really recline all the way. Pros: Crew did the minimum Cons: boarding is poor, luggage handling is a disgrace. Pros: Crew allowed me to change seats to one not needing an upgrade to be closer to the front. Cons: I wanted more water and was unable to get it. I did get some, but not enough.

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Pros: Going home Cons: 1. The plain was late 2. The sits are horrible, and the airplane is very old. I received a set on the wing not as I requested 5. The entertainment screens are very incomplete and uncomfortable. Pros: pleasant seats, friendly staff Cons: security checking in airport. Cons: Take care of your costumers! People were doing hand stand in the isle mid flight, just a terrible zoo. Pros: The blanket provided Cons: More water service since we were not allowed to bring water on the airplane. Pros: Check in and security process are far from being nuce and effective.

Pros: Crew was amazing. Seats were small. I had middle sear both going and coming back. Cons: Kayak should avoid misleading clients by showing luggage included as an icon while after purchasing the ticket it is not. Pros: The most kid friendly airline you could hope for. There is no comparison between the staff in this airline and the staff on other airlines. Cons: They show weird and often violent movies in public screens that are not appropriate for religious audience or for small children who are sensitive to graphic violence.

Pros: The crew is amazing. Very helpful and attentive Cons: The circulation on the airplane was horrible. Pros: The crew was amazing, the plain was great, the food was tasty. Pros: The service, cleans and crew was great. The food and beverage was very good. The sits are comfortable. Cons: The time between flights was too long which.

United will do El Al July 7, am El Al's King David Lounges are one of their competitive advantages. In Tel Aviv the only other lounge option are the Dan Lounges, which El Al June 30, pm See all of them here. Have a topic you want to read more about? Sound off in El Al June 27, pm For years I ignored the Qantas frequent flyer program. It was overpriced in both miles and fuel surcharges and didn't have good transfer options. El Al June 20, pm In today's auction which is ending soon, El Al June 18, pm El Al June 16, pm El Al May 31, am Points transfer instantly.

This new transfer option is great news for travel to El Al May 29, pm 5. El Al's Dreamliners are allowing it to do exactly what Boeing promised, making "long and thin" routes that had previously not been viable into El Al May 14, pm El Al May 13, pm Update: We broke this news on Friday, though Alaska Airlines wasn't supposed to announce it until today, so their El Al partner page was El Al April 1, pm El Al was the second airline in the world to fly this plane, after the British Overseas Airways Corporation.

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The advertisement, which ran only once, proved effective. Within a year, El Al's sales tripled. Despite the purchase of its Britannias and inauguration of non-stop transatlantic flights the airline remained unprofitable. The first year that El Al turned a profit was That year, more than 50 percent of the passengers flying into Israel arrived on El Al flights. In , El Al ranked 35th in the world in accumulated passenger distance. In , regular flights to Bucharest were inaugurated, and cargo flights began to Europe and the United States.

In , El Al experienced the first of many acts of terrorism that have been perpetrated against the airline.

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On 23 July, the only successful hijacking of an El Al aircraft took place, when a Boeing carrying 10 crew and 38 passengers was taken over by three members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine PFLP. Negotiations with the hijackers lasted for 40 days. Both the hijackers and the passengers, including 21 Israeli hostages, were eventually freed. On 18 February , Palestinians attacked an El Al plane at Zurich Airport killing the copilot and injuring the pilot. One Palestinian attacker was killed and others were convicted but later released. El Al acquired its first Boeing jet in Many [ who?

Another Boeing was delivered in and was used to start non-stop service from Tel Aviv to New York El Al — Boeing s had flown the eastward nonstop since around El Al passengers and passengers from other airlines were attacked at Lod Airport in , it was known as the Lod Airport massacre. In the mids El Al began to schedule flights from airports outside of Israel that departed on the Jewish sabbath and landed in Israel after it had finished. However, the religious parties in the government were in arms over this, being that this was a violation of Jewish law and contrary to the agreement signed in the early days of the state, in which El Al promised to refrain from flying on the sabbath.

In the newly re-elected prime minister Menachem Begin , brought before the Knesset a vote to ban Sabbath flights once again it passed by a vote of 58 to Two years earlier the airline had suffered its first losses since the late s, largely a product of the global recession. The management changed three times towards the end of the s, until Itzhak Shander was named president. All the airline's infrastructure in Iran was eventually destroyed. Operations resumed in January under receivership.

Within four years, El Al was profitable again. Flights to Poland and Yugoslavia were started in El Al held a By this time, El Al was operating a fleet of 20 aircraft, including nine Boeing s, and had begun replacing its aging Boeing s with the Boeing Early that year, following the collapse of the Soviet Union , El Al inaugurated regular flights to Moscow. No airlifts from the former Soviet Union were possible at the time but permission was granted in Charter flights commenced in August , with immigrants also occupying all available seats on El Al's scheduled routes.

In cooperation with Aeroflot , El Al flew more than , Jewish immigrants to Israel within a three-year period. Three babies were born during the flight. The plane carried twice as many passengers as it was designed for. El Al flights were inaugurated to the Far East [ when? One-day shopping trips to London and visits to religious sites in eastern Europe were also promoted. El Al's first Boeing embarked on its maiden flight in March After privatization of the company began in June , the policy regarding sabbath flights was expected to change.

The first phase of the long-delayed privatization of the company commenced in June and by Israel's Government Companies Authority, headed by Eyal Gabbai. By January , a controlling share of the company had been transferred to Knafaim-Arkia Holdings Ltd.

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Kennedy International Airport in New York. In , El Al introduced a requirement that female flight attendants wear high heels until passengers had been seated. Later that year the requirement was removed. In July , El Al retired its sole freight aircraft, a Boeing F , ending its dedicated cargo flights. The airline plans to use charter services by other airlines for this purpose from now on.

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During , the airline transported 3. The aircraft are fitted with upgraded seats with adjustable headrests and legrests. Each seat is equipped with a touch-screen entertainment system. The second, "Kiryat Shmona", was delivered at the end of August Giora Romm , head of the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel , responded to the claim, stating: "We are in close contact with the Europeans," He added, "I don't know what the fuss is about.

The Europeans' e-mail is strange. We are doing everything we can to improve security. El Al has a cargo branch, El Al Cargo, which became independent in As the national cargo airline of Israel, it operates between Tel Aviv, Liege and New York plus ad hoc worldwide charters with one Boeing F aircraft. Before , when the Israeli air cargo market opened up to competition, El Al Cargo enjoyed a monopoly. As of , the company employs a staff of 6, globally and has a fleet of 37 aircraft.

El Al has Hebrew language voiceovers and Arabic language subtitles in its flight safety videos. And after the first video is finished another video comes on in English [50]. On 26 November , El Al unveiled its now-defunct low cost airline Up , [52] [53] which commenced operations on 30 March , initially to Berlin , Budapest , Kiev , Larnaca and Prague [53] using five Boeing s transferred from the El Al fleet.

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He said an inhibiting factor in the plan was Israeli authorities' protectiveness of El Al from competition. The CEO of Up wished to recreate the airline business world. Up ceased operations on 14 October All of its six destinations and fleet were reintegrated into mainline El Al operations. Sun D'Or operates as a tourist organizer for wholesalers and individuals and markets charter and scheduled flights, both by means of leasing full aircraft capacity to third parties, or aircraft parts' capacity to a number of partners for pre-negotiated prices, or by direct sales.

The CAA based its decision citing non-compliance with Israeli and international airline management standards, mainly lack of self-owned planes and crew. Tamam a company fully owned by El Al is mainly engaged in the production and supply of kosher ready meals to airline companies.

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Katit a company fully owned by El Al is mainly engaged in the production and supply of meals to the Company's employees. The main business of Borenstein, a company fully owned by El Al registered in the U. Superstar a company fully owned by El Al is a tourist wholesaler that markets tourist package deals to travel agents and passengers, and sells airline tickets at discounted prices for flights on the Company's routes.

As a prime target for terrorism, El Al employs stringent security procedures, both on the ground and on board its aircraft. These effective, though time-consuming and discriminatory procedures have won El Al's security reputation. El Al planes have been fitted with anti-missile counter-measures since the early s, with the initial system known as Flight Guard.

Since the early s, El Al has been the only commercial airline to fit its planes with systems to defend against anti-aircraft missiles. At Israel's Ben Gurion Airport , plainclothes agents and fully armed police or military personnel patrol the premises for explosives, suspicious behavior, and other threats. Armed security personnel also patrol El Al terminals overseas. Inside the terminal, passengers and their baggage are checked by a trained team. El Al security procedures require that all passengers be interviewed individually prior to boarding, allowing El Al staff to identify possible security threats.

Passengers are asked questions about their place of origin, the reason for their trip, their job or occupation, and whether they have packed their bags themselves. El Al believes interviewers can spot signs of nervousness. At the check-in counter, passengers' passports and tickets are closely examined. A passport without a sticker from the security checkers will not be accepted. Luggage is screened and sometimes hand searched. In addition, bags are put through a decompression chamber simulating pressures during flight that could trigger explosives.

Undercover agents sometimes referred to as sky marshals carrying concealed firearms sit among the passengers on every international El Al flight. A code is required to access the doors, and the second door will open only after the first has closed and the person has been identified by the captain or first officer.

In April , the Israeli government increased payments to El Al to secure The airline was criticized by Hungarian courts for refusing to search luggage with the passenger present, acting against Hungarian domestic laws stipulating that only authorized officials are able to undertake such searches.

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In , a civil case was brought to the Supreme Court of Israel by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel , which alleged that El Al's practice of ethnic profiling illegally singled out Arab passengers for tougher treatment. In September it was reported that there have been repeated incidents where some ultra-Orthodox male passengers refused to sit next to women passengers, sometimes delaying flights. As result, a petition was initiated with Change.

The petition reads: "Why does El Al Airlines permit female passengers to be bullied, harassed, and intimidated into switching seats which they rightfully paid for and were assigned to by El Al Airlines?

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